Tips to Alleviate Dental Fear

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When Should You Take Your Child to the Dentist?
February 24, 2021
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Dental Implants Therapy Boosts Health and Wellness
March 3, 2021
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Tips to Alleviate Dental Fear

Dental fear is a very common concern amongst adults, teens, and young children. According to the American Dental Association, dental anxiety is only second to the cost of treatment as to why adults avoid seeing a dentist. The ADA says that approximately 22% of adults are afraid of the dentist. If dental fear has kept you from the dentist you may have developed oral health issues that you don’t know about and without treatment can become a very serious health implication. Maybe you do know about a condition that you have with your oral hygiene but it hasn’t been enough to motivate you to make an appointment with your dentist. Once symptoms are noticed, it is imperative to see a dentist stop the progression of your condition before it turns into something much worse.

At McBride Dental, a San Marcos family dentist office that has been practicing for over 30 years, Dr. McBride works with many patients who are hesitant when it comes to dental procedures and exams. The friendly team at McBride Dental will always put you first and work hard to provide you with the most comfortable and personalized dental care in the greater San Marcos region. If you would feel more comfortable having medication to calm your uneasiness, McBride Dental offers the best sedation dental services for your convenience. 

Tips to Become Comfortable with the Dentist

Tips to Alleviate Dental FearThe following methods may help ease your fear and relax you when it comes to your dental anxiety.

  • Looking at online reviews and talking with friends and family about which local dentists are kind, friendly, and offer superior customer service can assist your search for a dentist you feel comfortable with and that you can trust.
  • Be open about your oral health concerns and the fear you have of the dentist. When you open up the lines of communication with your dentist you can begin to develop a friendly rapport. The better you get to know your dentist the more at ease you will become. Your dentist may be able to offer alternative options for working with you that will calm your fears.
  • Don’t put too much of your energy thinking about the procedure you are getting because anticipation can build up unnecessary stress. If your dentist doesn’t have televisions up for you to focus on bring in your own devices and see if your dentist can do their work while you listen to your favorite tunes or watch a fun show.
  • Moral support is always comforting so if you have a friend or family member that can come with you to your appointment you may naturally feel calmer.

Speak with a San Diego Dentist Today

The San Diego area general dentists at McBride Dental can help you through your dental fear and make your time at the office enjoyable and relaxing. Don’t hesitate to call McBride Dental and schedule your appointment at (760) 471-1003. McBride Dental looks forward to keeping your smile shine.

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