Tips to Help Dry Mouth in San Diego

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Tips to Help Dry Mouth in San Diego

If you are suffering from dry mouth due to the medications that you take or for other reasons, then you are at higher risk for dental carries and other dental health issues. There are ways to alleviate symptoms of dry mouth. Trying these at-home remedies may help you manage your dry mouth issues. If you have any questions about why you have dry mouth or what you can do to fix the situation, McBride Dental is a San Diego general and cosmetic dentist that will answer your questions and help you with your condition.

What Tips can Reduce Symptoms Associated with Dry Mouth?

Tips to Help Dry Mouth in San DiegoThere are several tips that can help you deal with your dry mouth issues including:

  • Drink as much water as you can.
  • Stay away from sugary drinks.
  • Allowing ice chips to melt inside your mouth can diminish symptoms. 
  • Stay away from caffeinated beverages.
  • Do not chew gum that has sugar.
  • Do not eat sugar filled candies.
  • Refrain from the use of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Spicy and salty foods can inflict discomfort and pain when a person with a dry mouth eats them, so avoid these foods.
  • At night when your body is resting and sleeping a humidifier can deliver that hydration to a dry mouth.

If you have a chronically dry  mouth that means that your saliva is lacking. Saliva is critical to removing harmful organic debris from your mouth and washing away detrimental bacteria and plaque-causing materials. All of these things will lead to dental decay and tooth damage, so if you don’t have enough saliva, your teeth are at increased risk for damage. If you are unsure about how to resolve your issues with dry mouth, then making an appointment and seeing your local San Marcos general dentist is a good idea. Your dentist will be able to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to manage your problem.

Neglecting a dry mouth can lead not just to tooth decay but also teeth that are so compromised they fall out. Dry mouth is a serious condition and anything from the medications you take to your genes, or your lifestyle, may be the reason for the ailment. The good news is that if you can identify the problem early, you can protect your smile from the deterioration of your teeth and your smile happening. Seeing your local San Diego family dentist is the best way to protect against the issues that result form dry mouth and also to get help with the condition. Your teeth, gums, and tongue can be negatively impacted if you are suffering from dry mouth. There are things you can do to remedy the situation and understand it better. Working with a San Marcos family dentist is the best way to learn more. 

Speak to a San Marcos Family Dentist Today

Dr. McBride is a respected and trusted San Diego general dentist that offers many dental services to help patients alleviate and protect against dental diseases and ailments. To call McBride Dental and speak to the dentist in San Diego, or to schedule an appointment for a cleaning, exam, or treatment, please call  (760) 471-1003.

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