Top Signs That Your Dental Implants are Failing

Dental Issues that Cause Sensitive Teeth
Dental Issues that Cause Sensitive Teeth
February 21, 2022
What to Expect from a Dental Implant Consultation
What to Expect from a Dental Implant Consultation
February 28, 2022
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Top Signs That Your Dental Implants are Failing

You have made the choice to remedy your missing tooth problem with long-term dental implants. You are one of the many patients that have decided to take this route. While dentures are still number one when it comes to fixing a broken smile, dental implants are becoming a more popular and preferred method and as a result, are not far behind. Dental implants have a very high success rate in patients. Over a period of five years after dental implant surgery that success rate is reported to be as high as 95% and even more.

Still, while dental implants have a very good chance of working out for a patient, they are not 100%. Because of this, there is a very small percentage of patients that will experience dental implant failure. After dental implant surgery, it is important that you take good care of your dental prosthetics just like you should with your natural teeth to keep them strong and lasting. 

How Can You Tell if Your Dental Implants are Failing?

Top Signs That Your Dental Implants are FailingAfter you have fully healed from your dental implant surgery you may be excited to get back to life with a full smile that restores your ability to eat what you like, have increased confidence, and feel good about yourself again. But, when dental implants start to fail, this can be a frustrating and scary moment. If you experience increased oral sensitivity, are bleeding, and feel like your implants have become loose you may be experiencing dental failure.

You should not be feeling sensitivity nor should you have bleeding where you have implants. So, if this happens, it could be a sign that you have an infection in your gums and/or bone tissue. Pressure on a healed implant should not cause discomfort and make you jump. If it is, then it is important to get in to see your local San Diego implant specialist as soon as you can to have an examination.

Certainly, your implant is meant to be secure in your jawbone and in your mouth. When you feel a bit of a wiggle and the implant is moving, more than likely, you are having implant failure. This is a fairly clear sign that failure is happening. Getting to your San Marcos dentist is imperative because you may have to have your implant taken out.

There are some reasons that dental implant failure happens such as:

  1. The screw is defective and causes problems during recovery.
  2. The implant breaks.
  3. Force on the implant when chewing can push the implant out of place.
  4. Poor hygiene leads to infection.
  5. Mistakes made by the implant dentist during surgery.

Speak with a Dental Implant Specialist in San Diego Today

First, a patient must be evaluated before they can be approved as an ideal candidate for dental implant surgery. Once this happens, the process can proceed. Having an experienced dental implant specialist who has vast experience with the technology is essential to improving a patient’s dental implant experience. Dr. McBride is a San Marcos dental implant dentist that has over three decades of applying dental implants and also has an ABOI/ID Diplomate which is the highest level of competence a specialist can have with implant dentistry.

Call McBride Dental today to schedule a free consultation to discuss remedies for your missing or broken teeth at (760) 471-1003.

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