Truths and Myths About Wisdom Teeth

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August 1, 2022
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August 8, 2022
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Truths and Myths About Wisdom Teeth

According to the Cleveland Clinic, wisdom teeth, also called your third molars are the very last set of permanent teeth that will develop and grow in your mouth. That is, if your body produces them, however, not every person will grow wisdom teeth. There are as high as 54% of the population in the United States that only have one, while there are other individuals with none. Still, if you are one of those that do have your wisdom teeth because you do not necessarily need them to function you may be recommended to have them removed by your dentist.

In some instances, you may not remove your wisdom teeth but then have issues with them, including infection and pain that requires removal. If they start growing and coming in at an angle, then here another oral health issue may arise, such as moving your other teeth around, which will prompt you to remove them to protect the look of a straight smile.

If you are unsure whether you should remove or keep your wisdom teeth, and you live in the greater San Diego area, then you are welcome to come in and meet with the San Diego wisdom tooth removal dentist, Dr. McBride. You may not have to do anything to your wisdom teeth or you could be in a position where your oral health could benefit from removal. Dr. McBride can examine your mouth and speak with you about your options.

Reality Vs Fiction with Wisdom Teeth

Truths and Myths About Wisdom TeethThere is a lot of information surrounding wisdom teeth, but not all of it is quite correct. To clarify some of the circulating stats and facts, consider the following:

Wisdom Teeth Must Be Taken Out

As mentioned earlier, not every person develops wisdom teeth so they never have to experience an extraction. But for those that do, there are plenty of instances where the wisdom teeth grow like normal, can be cleaned easily, and do not affect other teeth or biting. Here, there is no glaring reason to take wisdom teeth out.

Wisdom Teeth Always Erupt Through the Gums

If wisdom teeth do not erupt through the gums, which they very well may not, they can cause issues and dental infection. It is best to have them removed.

Wisdom Teeth Always Come in Crooked

When wisdom teeth come in crooked, they can pose a problem for the positioning of other teeth in the mouth and contribute to overcrowding. However, not all wisdom teeth come in crooked, and some can come in straight as an arrow.

Ice Cream Helps After Extraction

This tasty fact is true as the coldness of ice cream and its soft consistency may soothe swelling, quell pain, and be easy on the mouth as it heals.

Speak with a San Marcos Wisdom Tooth Removal Dentist Today

To learn more about how your wisdom teeth are affecting your oral health and if they should be removed, Dr. McBride can help. Call McBride Dental today to schedule a free consultation or to schedule a professional dental cleaning and examination at (760) 471-1003.

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