What Are The Health Benefits Of Straight Teeth?

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Straight Teeth?

All it takes is a beaming smile to instantly uplift your spirits. Seeing others smile and smiling yourself is healthy and happy. It portrays to others how your feeling, shows your confidence and expresses to others how they make you feel. 

According to the American Dental Association (ADA) straight, a white smile does so many things, including protecting your oral health. When teeth are out of place there are many aspects of your oral health that suffer. This is why, if you have a crooked smile, fixing your teeth gives you more than a bump in vanity, it also improves your well-being.

How Can Straight Teeth Increase Oral Health?

Thoroughly cleaning your teeth to keep them strong and healthy is much easier when your not fighting gaps, overlapping, and crowded teeth. Crooked teeth that lend themselves to small spaces or crannies make for prime locations for food particles and bacteria to embed themselves and become very difficult to remove. Over time, these small gaps will lead to tooth decay and cavities. In addition to rotting teeth, gum disease can develop which causes unattractive inflamed red gums that are very painful.

Not only will a crooked smile cause degradation of the gums and the teeth, but also uneven wear on the enamel. When you have a straight smile, your teeth wear evenly and this helps preserve the strength of your enamel for the long-term, keeping your teeth protected. Chewing is the beginning of the digestive process, and your teeth must be preserved. Keeping the integrity of enamel will ensure your teeth will be able to do their job effectively.

Another problem with uneven teeth that is often overlooked is that protruding teeth are more vulnerable to damage than when your smile is straight. Any accident you have where brunt force hits your face has the ability to affect your teeth. When you have a straight smile you have much more protection than when you have teeth sticking out because these teeth will take on the impact alone.

When teeth are crowded and crooked, the stress they place on the gums and the bones that support them can be far-reaching. It is not uncommon for a person with an uneven smile to suffer from chronic neck pain and headaches as a result of this added tension in their mouth. Not only do they cause strain in your upper body, but they also make eating much harder. Because you don’t have the full force of all your teeth chomping on your food with the same intensity and at the same time, there is added pressure on the jaw which can cause pain.

Where Can You Find Teeth Straightening Services In San Diego?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Straight TeethIt just makes good sense to fix your teeth if your smile isn’t even and level as it should be. Flossing, brushing, and cleaning are much more efficient in straight teeth which increases your ability to protect better care for your teeth at home. Also, the use of your teeth becomes more functional allowing you to reduce pain from the imbalanced force on your jaw and neck. McBride Dental is a San Diego cosmetic dentistry practice that is focused on providing our patients with high-quality dentistry services, an exceptional experience, and unparalleled comfort.

Dr. McBride is a San Diego dentist with over 30 years of experience. Call our California cosmetic dentistry practice today with any questions or to make an appointment at (760) 471-1003.

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