What Happens During a Routine Checkup?

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What Happens During a Routine Checkup?

If it has been a while since you visited a dentist, do not fret. You are not the only one. Unfortunately, many people put off visiting their dentist on a 6-month schedule as they should. Not visiting the dentist for an extended time can raise your anxiety level and make you wonder if there is a hidden problem somewhere in there waiting to be uncovered. Suddenly, you begin experiencing problems with your teeth and gums. You may feel overwhelmed with embarrassment or shame or even the fear of being judged.

It is important for you to take a deep breath and relax! These negative reactions are not something you should ever expect from our team at McBride Dental in San Marcos. We understand that people get busy and time passes. It is important to realize that, although little can be done about the past, the future has endless possibilities that begin with a routine checkup. When visiting our office, here are some of the things you can expect.

The Phone Call

What Happens During a Routine Checkup?When you call our office, our receptionist will greet you with enthusiasm and answer any questions you may have. We will ask you a few questions as well, pertaining to your personal details and the time and day you prefer to come in. We may ask questions regarding your current dental needs and how we can help you.

On the Day of the Appointment

When you come into our office, you will finally get to see the friendly person behind the voice on the phone. Our staff treats all guests with courtesy and respect, coordinating payments and appointments. Whenever necessary, we provide guidance and help those in need check-in and get comfortable.

Meeting the Hygienist

When it is time for your appointment, you will meet your dental hygienist. These professionals are extremely knowledgeable and have special training in how to perform thorough and reliable dental cleanings and certain other routine dental care processes. Hygienists will assist you with x-rays and help by answering some of the questions you may have regarding routine dental care.

After your cleaning, we will want to know more about your medical history and if you experienced any recent changes in your health. We may ask questions regarding medical treatment, medications, allergies, and certain other questions. If you have any concerns or fears, this is an excellent time to discuss them. This can help to guide us in making your experience as pleasant as possible.

Meeting the Dentist

After your teeth are cleaned, you will meet your dentist. Our dentist will review your health history and conduct an oral examination. The dentist will look for any enamel problems, cavities, gum swelling, or other signs of issues. Should something be off, our dentist will discuss treatment options available for you. Based on the health of your teeth and gums, and any goals you may have, we’ll recommend scheduling a checkup for the future.

Stop in to See how McBride Dental Can Help You

If you are interested in seeing how our team can help you, contact our dental professionals at McBride Dental in San Marcos at (760) 471-1003 to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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