What is a Dental Emergency?

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What is a Dental Emergency?

Your body takes a lot of wear and tear over the years and anything can happen unexpectedly that can lead to a medical emergency. This is true for any part of your body including your teeth and gums. If you experience a dental emergency, like any other health crisis, rapid attention and medical treatment should be applied. 

In California, the San Marcos general dentist at McBride Dental can help you when you are experiencing a sudden dental emergency. Fast action is a must as failure to have the problem treated could cause even more pain and more damage to your oral health. 

When is a Dental Issue Considered an Emergency?

What is a Dental EmergencyIn situations where a problem arises with one’s oral health in which immediate medical interventions become necessary this would be a dental emergency. Dental emergencies can differ from patient to patient and so can the ultimate goal. Potentially the emergency requires medical treatment to either save a tooth, help ease intense pain or quell nonstop bleeding. When you have a serious issue with your mouth it is necessary that depending on your situation, you either call your dentist or promptly get yourself to the nearest emergency room for an examination and treatment.

Whether you have experienced some type of physical trauma to the face that has moved your teeth, made the loose, knocked them out, or caused excessive bleeding, you will need to see a medical professional for help with any of these situations. Another situation where a dental emergency can arise is in a mouth that becomes infected. A mouth that is suffering from an infection may start out uncomfortable and then progress to unbearable and require immediate attention from a dentist. 

Examples of what to do in common dental emergencies include:

  • If you have lost a tooth you will want to be able to save it. To do this it is important to keep it nice and moist until you make it to your dentist. One way you may be able to do this is to keep it in your mouth. Place it back in the hole where it was knocked out if possible. But if this is too hard or you are uneasy about having a loose tooth in your mouth you can keep it held in milk or in another American Dental Association tooth preservation substance made just for these situations. 
  • A cracked tooth may be quite uncomfortable. Rinse your mouth out and apply ice to your face to soothe it and calm inflammation then promptly call your dentist to have your oral health situation examined.
  • If you have pain when you eat and put pressure on your teeth or if you are just overall experiencing throbbing and discomfort in your mouth, you may have a serious problem like a dental abscess. Get into your dentist to have your situation thoroughly checked out because an abscess can not only be excruciating, but it can also be deadly if not remedied.

Speak with a San Diego Dentist Today

Medical emergencies like dental emergencies are serious and will require the assistance of either a dentist or other emergency medical professional. To come in and visit with the San Marcos dentist at McBride Dental please call (760) 471-1003.

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