What is a Sinus Toothache?

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What is a Sinus Toothache?

Sinus pressure and pain can be very difficult to deal with and make you feel incredibly uncomfortable. So much so, that it may inhibit you from taking on normal daily activities or prevent you from performing at work. There are many reasons why you may experience sinus pressure, including suffering from various allergies or infections. If a sinus infection is present, it is not just pain in your head that you have to deal with, but you may also feel it in your jaws and teeth.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, it could be due to a sinus infection or inflammation of the sinus tract, but it could also be from an actual problem with your teeth. If you see your doctor about a sinus issue and you are treated for it, this may not fully alleviate your tooth pain. When this happens, it could be due to the fact that you are experiencing a serious oral health issue. Here, it is best to make an appointment to see your local dentist for an examination and treatment. 

If you or a family member is experiencing tooth and jaw pain and you live in the greater San Diego area, McBride Dental is a San Diego dentist that can help.

How Pain From a Toothache is Different Than Tooth Pain From Sinus Pressure

What is a Sinus ToothacheThere is a difference in tooth pain when it is coming from a damaged tooth versus tooth sinus issues. Determining the right source of tooth pain is essential to treating the problem. 

When the sinus tract is impaired and swollen extra pressure is applied to the teeth. Where sinus pressure exists, tooth pain often comes next. If sinus pressure is the culprit behind tooth pain, many teeth tend to be affected. Specifically, the molars or other teeth in the back usually take on the brunt of the pain. This is considered a sinus toothache.

A scratchy, sore throat, post-nasal drip, mucous build-up, desensitization in smell and taste, ear pain, and a sharp headache are commonly associated with sinus problems. By contrast, when the tooth has a cavity or areas of decay that are causing discomfort, the direct tooth is the source. 

If you are experiencing a wide range of unpleasant symptoms like headache, pain in several teeth, and mucous discharge, there is a good chance you are suffering from a sinus condition. In this situation, it is best to see your doctor. A prescription may be effective at clearing up your issues. However, if one tooth, in particular, is giving you a problem, and you do not have all the other signs that you have an infection, your dentist is the medical professional you need.

Make an Appointment with a San Diego Family Dentist Today

Tooth pain can be incredibly uncomfortable and even intolerable at times to suffer through. It is possible that your tooth has a cavity, an abscess could exist, or your tooth may have some amount of breakage that is leading to your sensitivity. The San Diego dentist at McBride Dental can perform a dental exam and figure out what is causing your issue and then offer treatment to fix it. Do not delay in calling McBride Dental when you need assistance with an oral health issue like tooth pain. Call today at  (760) 471-1003.


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