What is CEREC technology?

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What is CEREC technology?

Well, it isn’t on the space shuttle or part of a new top secret weapons program with the Department of Defense.  CEREC or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics is a mouthful of words that can get you a quick mouthful of beautiful new teeth!

CEREC is a technology that allows us to create and fix your smile in a single visit while you wait, in a single appointment.  Pretty cool to say the least.  CEREC was developed at the University of Zurich back in the 1980’s by W. Mörmann and M. Brandestini and why not, the Swiss make all these great chocolates which can rot our teeth so good they’ve given us a solution to the problem (humor only!).  CEREC today is a well-established process with nearly 40,000 dentists using the process today and to date, nearly 10 million smiles have been repaired using this technology.

cerec dentist in San DiegoSo how does CEREC work?  Without going into the gory details here are the basics.  Two very common technologies used in engineering, design, and manufacturing are applied to teeth.  The first is CAD (Computer Aided Design) which basically makes a digital model of a tooth based on high-quality pictures made of the inside of your mouth.  Then, via CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) a model tooth is made in the dentist office while you wait.  The replacement tooth is made for feldspar and glass-ceramic material which is very hard but is not brittle and makes an excellent replacement for a failing or damaged tooth.  In addition to having the resemblance of an actual tooth and being the same day remedy, the CEREC replacement tooth is typically very comfortable for its patient compared to other solution.

Even better yet, the performance of a CEREC implant is exceptionally good with most lasting up to ten years and better than 80 percent last almost twenty years.  They also require less maintenance compared to other implants giving the recipient a quick solution, that is lasting, with little maintenance and maximum comfort.

If you would like to learn more about CEREC and have a tooth, or several, that are bothering you do not despair, come to McBride Dental.  We can get you into a chair and take a look at what is concerning you and put you on a fast track to a smile that you will feel good about again.  

McBride Dental is here to protect your teeth and give you a smile that you feel good about in a warm, relaxing and comfortable setting.  Located in San Marco, CA. we serve our local community in the war against tooth decay and loss by using the latest in dental technology to protect, repair and if necessary, replace teeth.  Our goal is to give you a smile you love and the best dental health possible.  Contact us at 760-471-1003 for an appointment or consultation to discuss whatever concerns you have about your dental health or simply to get in for a regular cleaning.


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