What is Tooth Erosion?

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How Important is Daily Flossing?
April 26, 2021
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Different Types of Dental Implants
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What is Tooth Erosion?

The way you care for your teeth, what you eat, and most anything that you put in your mouth has an effect on your teeth. Whether it be stained teeth, yellowing teeth, or decaying teeth, your actions have a direct impact on the health and vitality of your teeth. So if you are trying to maintain a brilliant, straight, white smile, your actions will determine how effective you will be at achieving this goal. If you are interested in professional teeth whitening services in San Marcos, dental implants, composite dental fillings, teeth alignment options, and other methods to restore your smile, then call McBride dental for a free consultation. McBride Dental is a trusted and neighborly San Diego family dentist that also offers a wide variety of dental services to accommodate your specific needs. Those individuals who suffer from dental anxiety in San Diego can feel calm and relaxed when visiting Dr. McBride because the practice also offers sedation dentistry.

How Does Tooth Erosion Happen?

What is Tooth ErosionThe first thing to do is understand what tooth erosion is to learn why it happens. You already know that sugary foods are extremely unsafe for the teeth and when you eat too many sugary foods, you actively increase the risk that you will have tooth decay and cavities. Acidic foods also pose a threat to the integrity and strength of your teeth.

Similar to the way sugar cause teeth to rot, acidic foods can erode or break down the protective covering of your teeth known as the enamel. When the enamel is breached, your teeth will be much more exposed. Disintegrated enamel can lead to extreme tooth sensitivity as well as the increased prospect of discoloration. It is actually very interesting how acidic foods and drinks are so potent against our enamel which is the strongest material that our bodies make. Enamel is so strong, it beats out the might of your bones!

If you are eating highly acidic foods, just like you should if you eat sugary foods, you should drink some water or wash your mouth out to rinse off residual acids and sugars. Luckily, supporting your efforts to avoid these foods or make sure to clean your mouth after you eat, you have your trusty saliva. Saliva doesn’t just clean off the surface of your teeth from sugar, food debris, and acid, it also neutralizes all of that acid. Despite the miracles of the way our bodies were designed to take care of themselves, such as in the case of saliva’s function, our bodies can do good with a bit of support from our daily routines, habits, foods, and lifestyle choices. Keeping the pH in your mouth at the right level can better avoid enamel erosion.

Speak with a San Diego Family Dentist Today

Teeth erosion, just like any other dental health concern in San Marcos, can be examined and treated by Dr. McBride. The San Diego restoration dentist at McBride Dental is committed to helping patients resolve their oral health issues and be confident in their smiles. To schedule a consultation or an appointment, please call (760) 471-1003. 


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