What to Do When Your Child’s Baby Teeth Become Loose

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What to Do When Your Child’s Baby Teeth Become Loose

When children start to lose their baby teeth, it can either be an exciting time or a scary one. Some children are thrilled at the thought of having the tooth fairy come so they can see what special treats or rewards she has in store for them. Other children notice their wiggly teeth and become frightened and unsure about what to do and are uncomfortable with how they feel. Here, there may be the urge to jiggle them around in the mouth or just grab ahold of them and pull them out. Either way, at some point those baby teeth are coming out because your child’s mouth has to make room for adult teeth to start and take their place.

For parents, the process of losing baby teeth can also be one of excitement or it can be emotional knowing their little one is growing up so fast right before their eyes. Considering teeth start to come out when children reach the age of six, they are far from being babies anymore. Once these teeth do finally fall out, parents may be wondering what to do with them.

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What Should Parents Do After Their Children Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Pulling a loose tooth out of your child’s mouth is unnecessary. In time, the roots of the baby teeth will lose strength and eventually detach from the tooth. Loose baby teeth will ultimately fall out by themselves. Parents may notice slight bleeding once the tooth has come out of their child’s gums. This is to be expected and is normal.

What To Do When Your Child's Baby Teeth Become LooseIn cases where a child is too eager to have a loose tooth removed from their mouth, parents can use a tissue or napkin and place it on the tooth to grasp it. When it is very loose, it will not take much effort for the tooth to release from its roots. It is critical that only when a tooth is almost falling out of the mouth should it be extracted this way. When a tooth is just a bit loose not only is it much harder to pull out, but it is also too soon to do so.

A child that has more than a little bleeding may need to have gauze placed in their mouth. Parents can take a piece of gauze and tell their child to press down with their mouth to apply pressure helping the blood ease up. In these situations, it is a good idea to take care of the area where the tooth was lost. A couple of days of eating soft foods will help, and so will gently brushing teeth and trying to stay away from the hole where the tooth came out. 

Should bleeding be excessive, calling the dentist is advisable.

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