When Do I Need to Get Dental Crowns?

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Treating Receding Gums
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When Do I Need to Get Dental Crowns?

Teeth take a lot of force and wear and tear throughout one’s life. Not to mention, if a person has experienced physical trauma to the face, the teeth may have had to bear the brunt of the force. As a result of the toll that teeth have to take, they can become damaged as time passes. Anything from discoloration, breaks, cracks, loss of shape, or decay can make teeth look unsightly. This is where dental crowns come in and can make a big difference in one’s mouth if there are issues with one or more teeth. 

Think of dental crowns as a covering that is made to be durable and look like a natural tooth that encapsulates the problem tooth. When a dental crown is correctly designed and placed, it can make your smile look beautiful and even. 

If you have problematic teeth that do not look right and are quite weak, dental crowns may be the fix that will help you regain a healthful and gleaming smile again. For more information, McBride Dental has a San Diego dentist specializing in dental crowns who can answer your questions.

When Are Dental Crowns Used?

8 Uses for Dental CrownsThe dental crown or tooth covering will be made to be placed over a tooth. It is cemented solidly into place to keep a stronghold. It can not only make a smile appear more uniform and restored, but it can also protect a tooth that is weak and strengthen one’s bite again.

The most common reasons that dental crowns are used are:

  1. A tooth that is badly decayed or brittle can be strengthened by a dental crown.
  2. A dental crown can be a pivotal point to hold a dental bridge.
  3. A tooth that is mishappened can look whole again with a dental crown.
  4. If a tooth has had a root canal procedure a dental crown can be used to cover the tooth.
  5. A tooth whose color is tarnished or stained can be brightened with the use of a dental crown.
  6. Dental crowns can cover dental implants.
  7. A tooth with a large filling where there is little natural tooth material left can benefit from a dental crown.
  8. A tooth that has suffered a break or crack may be restored with a dental crown.

Dental crowns can be made of metal like gold, nickel, or chromium, for example. They can be made out of resin or porcelain fused to metal. These dental coverings can also be made completely out of porcelain or ceramic materials too.

Speak to a San Diego Implant and Crown Dentist Today

If you have teeth that are weakened, broken, or discolored, you may be an ideal candidate for a dental crown as a fix to your dental problem. You are welcome to come in and speak with McBride Dental’s San Diego dentist today to discuss your smile and what you can do to improve it during a free consultation by calling (760) 471-1003. For your convenience, sedation dentistry services are also offered.

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