When is a Dental Patient a Poor Candidate for Bone Grafting?

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When is a Dental Patient a Poor Candidate for Bone Grafting?

Certain dental procedures require robust and sufficient jawbone tissue. Dental implants are one. When a person has missing teeth, dental implants are a popular remedy that fixes this oral health issue. Dental implants are long-lasting dental prosthetics that are custom-made to look like one’s natural teeth.

Implants fill the gaps where missing teeth are located and they offer the same full functionality that natural teeth have. That is, they allow people to speak clearer, chew all types of food, and keep their jaw strong. However, if jawbone tissue is lacking or weak, a person with missing teeth that would like to have dental implants will have to address this issue in order for the implants to be effective.

The actual implant part of the dental implant is the screw-shaped rod that is inserted into the jawbone. Once it has been placed, the jawbone tissue can grow and heal around it securing it in its place. Then, there is an abutment placed on the implant, and on top of that, the crown or the fake tooth. This is why when a person does not have adequate jawbone tissue, they will need an additional step before they can pursue a dental implant. This may be a bone graft. 

Can Everyone Have a Bone Graft?

When is a Dental Patient a Poor Candidate for Bone Grafting?It is essential that a bone graft be done for patients that have inadequate bone tissue because the fusion of the bone around the implant is a critical part of dental implant success. Dental implants have a high success rate, as high as 95%. In order to be a patient that is included in this success rate statistics, healthy bone tissue is a must.

Bone grafts can be made of several different types of materials, and a dentist will be able to determine which will be the best for your circumstances. In California, the San Marcos dental implant dentist at McBride Dental can discuss all of the specifics and details of dental implant surgery along with assessing your situation to see if you would be a good candidate for the procedure. If you would need a bone graft done before the dental implant is placed in your mouth, Dr. McBride can discuss this with you as well.

While bone grafts could be used for many patients with deficiencies with their jawbone tissue, there are instances when a patient may not be a good candidate for a bone graft and then, dental implants either. Certain disease conditions like advanced osteoporosis, diabetes, or those that suffer from hypertension may not do well with a bone graft. Also, alcoholics, smokers, or individuals that have had radiation therapy are also likely not going to have a natural tendency for accepting the graft. As a result, these individuals may suffer failure with bone grafting.

Speak with a San Marcos Dental Implant Specialist

If you are interested in dental implants, it is best to come in and sit down during a free consultation with Dr. McBride to have your oral health examined. When you meet Dr. McBride you can learn more about what options are available to help you fix your problem of missing teeth. Call McBride Dental today at (760) 471-1003.

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