When Should You Take Your Child to the Dentist?

Basic Oral Health Recommendations
Basic Oral Health Recommendations
February 17, 2021
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Dental Implants Therapy Boosts Health and Wellness
March 3, 2021
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When Should You Take Your Child to the Dentist?

There are several doctor appointments that babies and young toddlers have to go to in their first years of life. It is common for parents of young ones to be unsure of when they will have to start taking their child to the dentist. All children develop at different rates so there is not exact age that every child will have to start seeing a dentist. However, a general recommendation is that all children should be seen by a dentist by the time they are seven years old. Pediatricians will often recommend making an appointment with a dentist and if your child’s doctor does not, you can always ask them what they suggest.

The San Marcos family dentist at McBride Dental can help your family with all your dental needs. Whether you have a young child or a teenager, the San Diego family dentist at McBride Dental offers a wide variety of dental services to keep your smile and that of your family healthy and bright.

When Do Children See a Dentist?

When Should You Take Your Child to the DentistIf your child has teeth, they should see a dentist. Their teeth must be taken care of because neglecting them can lead to tooth decay. Studies show that tooth decay in a child’s younger years leads to increased issues with oral health once their permanent teeth come in. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry urges parents to schedule an appointment with a dentist for an exam once the first tooth pushes through. Otherwise, the AAPD advises that dental examination should happen sometime before the child is two years old.

Children may feel uneasy about having work done in their mouths. But with time, your child will become familiar with their dentist and understand what happens during a dental appointment. They will learn more about their teeth and oral health and the importance of keeping up on care. Taking your child to the dentist can slowly, with time reduce any potential anxiety. As a parent, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions about caring for your child’s oral health.

Oral health doesn’t just stop with the emergence of teeth and then end. Most people should see the dentist on a regular basis every six months. Others may have to see the dentist more often. Teenagers and adults must also take good care of their teeth. During your dental exam, you will have the harmful plaque removed and have your mouth examined to check for any disease or dental conditions. Regular dental exams provide critical preventative measures that preserve sound oral hygiene. If any damaging condition is identified, it can be attended to and treated early on ensuring the best possible outcome. 

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