When to Talk To the Dentist About Dental Implants

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When to Talk To the Dentist About Dental Implants

Anytime teeth are missing, broken, or other dental health issues arise, seeing your dentist for assistance is advisable. Your dentist can assess your oral health problem and discuss options available to you to fix things. Waiting to see a dentist can make problems worse or cause other oral health conditions to develop.

In California, the San Marcos family dentist at McBride Dental has more than three decades helping patients with a wide variety of oral health issues. Whether it is to keep on schedule with regular professional dental cleanings, for dental exams, or to find remedies to oral health problems, Dr. McBride can help.

When is the Right Time to Speak to a Dentist About Dental Implants?

When to Talk To the Dentist About Dental ImplantsWhen a tooth falls out or goes missing due to an injury event, extensive decay, or from infection, that missing tooth will leave a void in your mouth. If the hole is left too long without treatment, many other ailments and difficulties can arise.

For example, teeth held firmly in the jawbone keep jawbone tissue healthy and strong. When teeth are missing, this can weaken the bone and it can become soft, deficient, and diminished. Because the jawbone is so important to the structure of a person’s face, when it is degraded, the shape and appearance of one’s face can change and make them look aged. The openings where teeth have gone missing can, additionally, cause other teeth to start to move to make up for the space which can also make one’s appearance look altered.

Missing teeth can cause other negative life implications like making eating much harder. Teeth that shift and are misplaced to make up for holes will throw your bite off. Or, it can also make communication and speaking unclear. Not to mention, missing teeth can also be very painful. Plus, they can make a smile look uneven and unsightly which can cause a person to lose confidence in the way that they look.

So, when is the right time to speak to a dentist when you have missing teeth? As soon as you can. Fixing the problem early can ward off and help minimize the repercussions that come when teeth are not present.

You have options when it comes to finding the best solution for fixing your missing teeth. Dental implants are one. Because of the high success rate, the way that they blend in with the rest of your natural teeth, and due to their longevity, dental implants are growing in popularity. They can be taken care of just like you would care for your natural teeth and they can completely makeover and restore your smile and functionality.

Speak to a California Dental Implant Specialist Today

If you are ready to fix your problem of missing teeth, then you are welcome to come in to see Dr. McBride, a San Marcos implant dentist, to go over your options. Consultations are always complimentary. Call McBride Dental today to schedule yours at (760) 471-1003. Dental implants may be the right approach for your situation.

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