When You Should Consider Replacing Your Dentures

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When You Should Consider Replacing Your Dentures

Everyone has different needs and expectations when it comes to their dentures. When you first enter your denture journey, you want a product that is going to work for you and last the longest, because the life of your mouth matters to you and you want to be comfortable and confident in your smile. We can help you achieve this. There is no real answer when it comes to replacing dentures, with some people replacing theirs within years and others never have to replace theirs because they last so long. You really never know how long they will last, from 1 to 25 years! On average, the replacement length is 4-8 years. There are considerations that can be made to help you decide when it is time.

What Affects the Life of Your Dentures

denture dentistVertical Dimension: Your vertical dimension is the distance between the upper and lower jaw. What happens if you lose this dimension because of other factors over time? Over time, the vertical dimension in your mouth will change. This is especially true when the jaw changes ad the ridges where your dentures sit begin to shrink. Dentures can become loose and experience dimension changes. Usually, it is a millimeter or so at a time.

However, when you have lost about three millimeters or more, the vertical dimension has gotten to be too much and this is when it is time to fabricate new dentures. If you have an uneven vertical dimension, you may think that it just affects the way that you look, giving you a sunken facial appearance. However, it can also cause a variety of problems in your mouth, such as TMJ problems, or issues to the jaw joint in front of your ears. You may experience pain while you are eating or have trouble talking if it gets to be too much. Sometimes it can be impossible to correct these issues once they have already taken effect due to wear and tear over time that was not corrected.

Tooth Wear: Tooth wear over time is also common. You may find that, if you have porcelain dentures, they wear more slowly than those that contain plastic teeth. However, even porcelain teeth are subject to wear that causes chipping and cracking in the worst cases. If you have multiple cracked teeth in your set of dentures, it is time to speak to your dentist about a fix.

Deterioration:  The materials that construct dentures today are extremely effective and durable. However, over time everything starts to deteriorate and this is something you should be prepared for. You may find that they no longer fit properly or that they start to look artificial as they lose their appearance and the texture they once had. Deteriorating plastic can also become contaminated with bacteria in your mouth, which could give you irritation in your mouth or bad breath. You don’t want to let this go.

At McBride Dental, we care about the life of your dentures and want you to have the best smile. We want to help you restore your confidence and work toward a brighter smile that has you feeling happier and healthier. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

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