Where Do Dentists Get Material for Bone Grafts?

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Where Do Dentists Get Material for Bone Grafts?

If you have gone to your dentist recently and they advised you that you should have a bone graft done, you may be wondering what they are going to use for that procedure. While there are situations where synthetic material is used, the best way to fix the bone and reinforce it is to use actual bone. Where the bone comes from though, can differ. 

Various situations may lead to bone loss and the need for a dental bone graft. For instance, if you have periodontitis or gum disease, this oral health condition can cause bone loss and a bone graft may be required. Individuals who would like dental implants but do not have sufficient bone tissue may require a bone graft. Whatever your reasons are, if you need a bone graft for a dental procedure, being curious about where the material will come from that will be used in the procedure is normal. 

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What Bones are Used for Dental Bone Grafting?

Where Do Dentists Get Material for Bone GraftsWhen your San Marcos dental implant specialist advises you about getting a bone graft, the bone used will likely come from one of three places.

  1. Allograft is bone from a donor. Allograft bone is a popular choice by many dentists because it is typically very well-received by many people. This means that another person’s bone is placed in your body and if your body accepts it, other healthy bone tissue will naturally begin to grow. This method is safe and does not have the added risk that autograft bone material does.
  2. Autograft is bone tissue that comes from your own body. Another area of your jaw bone or your hip bone may be the chosen site to extract that bone material. Because autograft bones are your natural bones, the body has a high likelihood that it will accept this material. There are some risks, though, when extracting the bone tissue.
  3. Xenograft is bone from an animal source. Most often bones from cows are used. Although, pigs are another widely used animal bone for grafting.

Your dentist will know which type of bone grafting material is best for your circumstances and situation. Dental bone grafts may be necessary to improve a patient’s oral health or to prepare them for some type of restorative dental procedure. For many patients, a bone graft can completely heal in as little as four weeks or in as long as six weeks.

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