Why Dental Crowns Can’t Stop Tooth Decay

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Why Dental Crowns Can’t Stop Tooth Decay

Dental crowns serve a number of beneficial and helpful purposes. These tooth coverings can help hold broken teeth together, protect a tooth that has rot, preventing cracks and breaks in teeth, or cover a worn-down tooth. Many people believe that once their problematic tooth is fixed with a dental crown that they will no longer have issues. This is not the truth.  Dental crowns do not stop tooth decay and if the conditions are right tooth decay under the dental crown can still happen.

The best thing you can do to prevent decay in your tooth is to see your dentist regularly for cleanings. Your dentist will examine your mouth and identify any potential issues that are seen. When you see your dentist regularly, you can prevent dental issues from developing and causing you harm and pain. McBride Dental is a San Diego dentist that can help you keep your smile bright and healthy.

How Can Teeth Decay Under a Crown?

Dental Crowns Can't Stop Tooth Decay

Dental Crowns Can’t Stop Tooth Decay

If bacteria is left unchecked and proliferates in your mouth, it will break down your teeth. Eating food that is full of sugar or very acidic attacks your tooth’s enamel. When that protective coating is breached, a hole can form inside your tooth. Bacteria are commonly known to accumulate where the bottom of your crown touches your gums. If this build-up is not removed it will only worsen and cavities will start to form. If your normal routine of brushing and flossing isn’t clearing away this plaque, it will be detrimental to the remainder of the tooth that is under the crown. When this happens, replacing the crown is necessary.

So even if you have a dental crown, you shouldn’t forgo regular dental exams and cleanings in San Diego. Your actions at home with your dental regime and following up with your local San Marcos dentist are going to give you the best chances to avoid dental health issues. For most people, a normal exam and cleaning should be done two times per month. Other people that are more susceptible to oral health issues may have to come to the dentist more often.

The importance of seeing your San Marcos general dentist for regular cleanings and exams cannot be understated. Seeing your San Diego dentist can help you avoid having to deal with gingivitis, tooth decay, periodontitis, and a breakdown of enamel. If you have dental crowns, when you come in for normal professional cleaning, you will have your crowns thoroughly inspected. If there is any sign that decay is happening the dentist can help you resolve the issue.

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If you need to schedule a routine dental cleaning in San Diego or if you are having problems with your dental crowns and need to have them checked out, call McBride Dental today. You can easily schedule an appointment with the San Diego dentist at McBride Dental by calling (760) 471-1003.


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