Why Dentists Need Your Medical History

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March 2, 2022
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Why Dentists Need Your Medical History

Your medical history is important not just for your primary care physician or another doctor to have knowledge of but also for your dentist to know too. When you come into have a regular professional cleaning and examination or any other dental procedure with your local San Diego dentist you are likely going to have to fill out a dentist medical history form. For good reason too. 

It is critical that your dentist understands your medical information including any disease conditions you have or previous surgeries and other medical procedures that you have had done to treat you as safely as possible. Many times you can find these forms on your dentist’s website. 

At McBride Dental, all the forms a new patient needs are on the website including medical information. This is so patients can conveniently have access to them and fill them out before they come in for their appointment. 

Why is Medical History Important to a Dentist?

Why Dentists Need Your Medical HistoryEvery patient is different and unique regarding their specific health requirements. Providing top-quality care that safeguards their health means that a dentist has to understand their current health status and health history. It is critical for your dentist to be treating you with individualized attention. There are several reasons why this is so including:

Avoiding Dental Problems

Certain health conditions could be deadly should an emergency arise. For example, heart disease and allergies are just two conditions that must be understood by the dentist so the administration of treatment can be done so in the most appropriate and healthy way. If you need rapid treatment your dentist is best positioned to help you when they know the state of your health.

Past Treatment

Some previous treatments and surgeries could impact the way that you are monitored and managed before you come in for a specific dental procedure as well as after your procedure is done.

Avoiding Healing Problems

Different people heal at different rates and certain health issues can affect this.

Necessary Preparations

People that have various health ailments may have certain considerations and need to take specific steps before they are able to have a dental procedure performed.

Proper Medication

Not every patient can tolerate all medications. When dental procedures are done, there may be the need for the dentist to prescribe supporting medications but it is important that they are safe for their patient’s consumption. So, dentists will want to know if there are any medications that a patient is allergic to or that could interfere with medications the patient is currently on for other health concerns.

The caring team at McBride Dental is committed to providing the highest-quality care to valued patients that come in to benefit from the many dental services and procedures offered.

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