Why Do Men Face More Oral Health Challenges than Women?

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Why Do Men Face More Oral Health Challenges than Women?

Most people understand that brushing their teeth and adding in flossing will help preserve their health and integrity. Added to this regiment is seeing your local San Diego family dentist every year. For the majority of people, two times per year suffices, but other people may need to see the dentist a bit more often. No matter how many times you must see your dentist, the important thing is that you go.

If both men and women adhere to the same standard of going to the dentist as required and regularly taking care of their teeth at home, then both should have the same positive oral health outcomes. The problem is that studies show both men and women are not equally proactive with their oral health. Also, the differences in the risk for certain health conditions that men and women face differ. Together, these factors contribute to the reason why the research shows that men are more vulnerable than women for dental caries and other oral health conditions

Why Are Men At Higher Risk than Women for Poor Oral Health Conditions?

Each person is different and genes, as well as personal actions, are both critical components of how one’s oral health will be. For men though, the Academy of General Dentistry reports that there is a greater risk for cavities and many other oral health problems. According to a study that examined 800 men and women, men were less likely to see the dentist regularly for a checkup than women were. In fact, the study showed that women were two times more inclined to not just get their regular dental exams and cleanings but also have future appointments set up. Why Do Men Face More Oral Health Challenges than Women?

Seeing your local San Diego dentist is a critical part of maintaining good oral health and protecting against potential dental diseases. When you see your dentist you will be able to get a professional cleaning to scour away any detrimental plaque that your at-home cleanings may have missed. Additionally, if there are any signs of a developing disease or condition, your San Marcos general dentist will be able to identify it and treat it before it develops into a more serious condition. If there is a severe disease such as cancer, for example, then your dentist can provide you guidance on what to do and who to see to address the problem to keep you safe and healthy.

The other issue with men more so than women is that they are prone to having cardiac disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that men make up as high as 89% of all reported sudden cardiac disease conditions. As a result, many men are on medications to control or manage heart problems, and often, these medications can cause dry mouth. A mouth that lacks saliva is less able to naturally clean away organic debris as well as harmful bacteria.

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