Why Good Oral Health Can Help Improve a Youthful Appearance

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IV Sedation for Dental Implant Surgery
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Why Good Oral Health Can Help Improve a Youthful Appearance

It is the goal of many to grow old gracefully and to preserve a youthful appearance for as long as possible. One area of our appearance that can drastically change the way we look is our mouth. In specific, good oral health not only avoids painful and unsightly dental conditions but it can also make the structure of your face more vibrant and young. Indeed, when oral health issues cause missing teeth, the way your face looks will also be impacted if quick action to remedy the problem is not taken.

In California, the San Marcos tooth restoration dentist at McBride Dental can help you fix the problem of missing teeth. In the process, you can save the shape and appearance of your face.

How Dental Implants Support the Structure of Your Face

Why Good Oral Health Can Help Improve a Youthful AppearanceAs you age, keeping your teeth strong and in good condition so you don’t lose them becomes much more difficult. If you have ever seen an older person who has missing teeth or even a younger person who has not fixed their missing tooth problem promptly, the thing that may stick out the most is the way the shape of their face looks. It is very likely in both situations that the face of these individuals looks like it is sagging and collapsing even. As a result not only is this look highly undesirable but it ages a person’s appearance significantly.

Without natural or prosthetic teeth in the mouth, jawbone tissue deteriorates and wastes away. Considering that the bones in the head and skull provide a structural base for the skin that lays over it, should that bone tissue degrade and become diminished, the skin has nothing or very little to adhere to. As such, the face will look like it’s draping and falling down away from the rest of the skull.

So, if a youthful and fresh appearance is your ultimate goal, it is best not to neglect your oral health. First, white, bright, and pearly straight teeth make a beautiful smile and one that you can be both confident in and proud of. Second, keeping the mouth full of teeth preserves the jaw bone and thus, the structure of the face. Third, taking care of your oral health wards off damaging oral health conditions like gum infections, broken teeth, or missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth, it is best not to delay in having the issue addressed by your local dentist. There are several options that you may have which would work well for your specific situation to restore your smile. Dental implants are one of the most effective approaches as these dental prosthetics act just like the way your natural teeth do. They look much the same and blend in with the rest of your teeth, and they are also long-lasting.

Speak with a San Marcos Dental Implant Specialist Today

For help with missing teeth and to learn more about what you can do to fix your smile, call the San Marcos dental implant specialist at McBride Dental to schedule a free consultation at (760) 471-1003.

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