Why Mouth-Breathing Can Harm Your Health

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Why Mouth-Breathing Can Harm Your Health

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid mouth-breathing specifically when you are not feeling well and experiencing nasal congestion. It is extremely difficult to obtain oxygen when your nasal passages are blocked which is why your body will naturally just go to mouth-breathing. After all, you need oxygen to live and you are going to get it through your nose or through your mouth. Mouth-breathing, when you are sick, is one thing, but regular and consistent mouth breathing is actually bad for your health. Mouth-breathing is a bad habit but there could be a medical explanation as to why a person relies on mouth-breathing to get oxygen.

What Happens When You Mouth-Breathe?

Why Mouth-Breathing Can Harm Your HealthMouth-breathing can causes:

  • Dry mouth because the constant flow of air in and out dries out saliva. Saliva has an important job in the mouth, which is to naturally wash away harmful bacteria and food debris. Without saliva cleaning the mouth of these things, they can fester and cause bad breathe. A dry mouth may even be responsible for tooth decay.
  • You are not getting the most optimal amount of oxygen when you mouth breath which can make it difficult to get sound sleep. Being unable to sleep regularly and peacefully will make you much more lethargic during the day which can affect how you function at home and at work.
  • Deforming facial bones leading to a flattened face, drooping eyes, narrow dental arch, and small chin.
  • Sleep apnea can make it hard to have restful slumber.
  • The need for orthodontic care in children to ensure that their mouths can support all adult teeth.

A person suffering from allergies may struggle with nose-breathing and these people may become accustomed to breathing through the mouth. Enlarged tonsils and a deviated septum are also issues that may cause a person to mouth-breath. If you notice that you are mouth-breathing or if you see your child mouth-breathing, then connecting with a San Diego family dentist is imperative.  There may be an underlying medical issue, like a deviated septum, for instance, that is causing it. When you schedule a full dental exam in San Marcos, your San Marcos general dentist will be able to identify if there is a problem and provide you with a course of action to treat it. Potentially, you can have orthodontic work done or you may need a minor surgical procedure. 

Speak with a San Marcos Family Dentist Today

Dr. McBride is a San Marcos family dentist that can help you and your family keep your oral health in good shape through a thorough teeth-cleaning and full dental examination. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while and avoid coming in because of dental fear and anxiety, McBride Dental offers sedation dentistry. Through our San Diego sedation dental services, you can feel calm and relaxed and leave your appointment with a positive experience. To schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning in San Diego or to learn more about cosmetic dentistry, please call McBride Dental today at (760) 471-1003. The friendly team at McBride Dental looks forward to helping you continue to smile with healthy, white, bright teeth.


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