Why Preventative Dentistry Is So Important

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December 7, 2020
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Is It Okay to Pull a Loose Baby Tooth? 
December 21, 2020
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Why Preventative Dentistry Is So Important

It’s understandable that people want to save money by avoiding the dentist as much as possible. But when you visit the dentist for a checkup, they make sure you’re properly caring for your teeth. They instruct you on how to brush your teeth and how to floss correctly, but they don’t always tell you why it’s necessary. 

Common practices like brushing and flossing daily and visiting your dentist regularly for checkups are extremely important to not only your teeth but for your overall health also. Starting good oral hygiene at an early age will ensure that good practices are done in the future.

Childhood Preventative Dentistry

Why Preventative Dentistry Is ImportantEven though good dental hygiene can be started as early as infancy, brushing and flossing don’t always get the job done. Some options to start early preventative dentistry include dental sealants and fluoride treatments. These options prevent decay and will ensure that your child’s teeth grow strong and healthy.

Sealants are like a barrier put on teeth to prevent leftover food or acids from creating holes in the teeth known as cavities. They can be put on as early as right after a child’s first row of molars come in at the age of 6 and when the second row of molars come in at the age of 12 to keep the child’s teeth healthy from the start.

Preventative Dentistry Will Save Money

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy will save you money in the long run. Sure, dental checkups and cleanings might cost money upfront but these preventative measures will save you from needing costly oral surgery later on in life. 

Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly can prevent dental issues such as cavities, periodontitis, gum disease, and other serious problems. As adults age, good oral hygiene can help older adults keep all of their teeth longer, preventing the need for dentures. 

The Health Benefits Of Good Oral Hygiene

Having good dental hygiene not only prevents dental problems like gum disease, tooth decay, and periodontitis, it can also be a benefit to your overall health. There are health issues that could have links to bad dental health including heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy helps keep the rest of you healthy, too.

Visiting Your San Marcos Dentist At McBride Dental 

It’s important to visit your dentist at least twice per year for checkups and cleanings. Having your teeth cleaned at the dentist will remove any bacteria and plaque that you may be missing while you’re brushing. At McBride Dental, we want to help you and your family do everything possible to take care of and preserve healthy teeth and gums.

By scheduling regular dental appointments with your San Marcos family dentist and practicing the oral care techniques we teach you, your whole family will easily maintain teeth that are healthy, strong, and effective.  If you or a member of your family is in need of dental work in San Marcos or San Diego county call Dr. Michael McBride at 1-760-471-1003 today to schedule an appointment.

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