Why Should You Replace Your Missing Teeth?

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Why Should You Replace Your Missing Teeth?

Missing one, several, or all of your teeth can be a problem for many reasons. It is not an uncommon problem in the United States. For 178 million people, missing a tooth is part of their reality. Another 40 million Americans are missing every single one of their teeth. As people age, this problem becomes worse and worse, with many elderly Americans missing all of their teeth.

Even one missing tooth can be a big problem when it comes to your dental health. The space left behind by a missing tooth can allow your other teeth to shift towards the opening. The way that you chew food can be affected by this change. Cleaning around the opening becomes more difficult and opens your teeth to more decay. Plus, you can even suffer from bone loss if you do not take action to replace your missing tooth.

missing teeth dentistOne of the main reasons that people choose to replace teeth is often a cosmetic reason. Missing a prominent tooth can hurt your confidence in your smile. However, missing teeth can actually affect the appearance of your whole face. Your mouth and the surrounding skin can be affected by missing teeth. It can cause the skin to sag around this area, making you look older than you are.

What Options Exist to Replace My Teeth?                                   

If you are ready to make a change and replace your missing teeth, the options can seem overwhelming at first. Dental implants and dentures are two of the main options that people will choose to replace their missing teeth.

Dental Implants are one of the longest lasting of the tooth replacement options. You can replace any number of missing teeth, from one tooth to all of your teeth, with dental implants. Posts are placed in your jaw where they join with the remaining jaw bone. After they have become a part of your mouth, replacement teeth are set on top of these posts.

The process of getting dental implants is lengthy and requires patients to go through surgery. You also must have enough bone to support the implant or be able to endure surgery to build up the bone in their mouth. Some medical conditions like diabetes may also slow the healing process following surgery.

Dentures are another option that many patients choose. Replacement teeth are held in your mouth on a plate that matches the color of your gums. Dentures take a period of adjustment, during which you will get used to eating and speaking, but they will feel more natural after a few weeks. They also require modifications over the life of the appliance to fit in with the changes in your mouth’s structure.

Talk to Your Dentist About Your Options

At McBride Dental, we can help you choose the tooth replacement option that is best for you. Do not suffer the consequences of missing a few teeth or all of your teeth for another day. Contact us anytime to set up an appointment to discuss your options.

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