Young People And Dentures

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December 1, 2020
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December 15, 2020
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Young People And Dentures

As we all age, it’s not difficult to notice the changes that our bodies go through as a result. Aging adults often find that they are unable to do the things they once did when they were young. One of the first things to deteriorate is their teeth. 

Even the most health-conscious person will lose bone density as they get older.  That includes loss of bone density which will and eventually lead to the deterioration of their teeth.  It is not uncommon for aging adults to lose teeth leading to questions about dentures when visiting their dentist. 

The elderly are not the only people who end up in need of dentures. A lot of young people need dentures as well.  

Why Do Younger People Get Dentures?

Young People And DenturesThere are many young people walking the streets with a full mouth of their own teeth.  When someone has a full set of dentures, it usually means that they have had all of their teeth fully extracted. Aging adults are not the only people that will end up needing dentures.  There are many reasons why young people get dentures, including gum disease, tooth decay, dental abnormalities, and serious accidents that result in the loss of teeth. 

Statistics show that 69% of people between the age of 35-years-old to 44-years-old have lost one or more of their permanent teeth. There are several options for people who have only lost a couple of teeth. Some of the options include a dental bridge, dental implants, or a partial denture, depending on the location of the missing teeth. 

Having Dentures Properly Fitted

One option for younger people who have lost only a few teeth but still have the rest of their teeth intact can be a partial denture. A partial denture only replaces the teeth that are missing, giving you a full healthy smile. This can be done with a plate or an implant. Making sure that your dentures fit properly will be of the utmost importance. Having your dentures properly fitted will ensure that your teeth look natural and you are able to eat without discomfort.

McBride Dental – A San Marcos Area Dental Practice With 30+ Years of Experience

At McBride Dental, we want to help you and your family do everything possible to take care of and preserve healthy teeth and gums. By scheduling regular dental appointments with your San Marcos family dentist and practicing the oral care techniques we teach you, your whole family will easily maintain teeth that are healthy, strong, and effective.

The San Marcos dental office of Dr. Michael McBride is available to address all of your dental needs in and around San Diego county regarding common dental procedures, as well as preventative, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry. We also provide sedation dentistry treatments as an option for our patients with severe dental anxiety.

It is our job to help you and your family establish healthy dental habits to make sure that your teeth will always be there when you need them and your smile will always look great. If you or a member of your family is in need of dental work in San Marcos or San Diego county call Dr. Michael McBride at 1-760-471-1003 today to schedule an appointment.  

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